#31 How to Amplify Your Students' Voices — Katelynn Giordano (如何幫助學生找回學習自主權) Compass Teachers – 司南老師

In this episode, it is all about amplifying your students’ voices. We are really happy to have Katelynn Giordano joining us and sharing her teaching strategies of years. Katelynn Giordano is a Middle Level Language Arts Educator, a blogger at Curriculum Coffee, a writer for the Teachers on Fire magazine, and a Director of Curriculum & Instruction for the Teach Better Team. She is a dynamic educator who is passionate about student voices, promoting equity, and valuing teachers as professionals.Connect with Katelynn:Website | Twitter | Instagram If you enjoy our show and want to support us, leaving an Apple review would help this platform being discovered by more educators! Thank you!Learn more about the show, please visit https://compassteacher.com/ReflectionsCan your curriculum help your students to see who they are ? Or is the curriculum written by the people from the homogenous or diverse background?What can you do tomorrowStart from one writing assignment. Let your students write about their passion projects and see how that trigger their intrinsic motivations.Song Tracks CreditsOpening & Ending: Smiling at the SunThe breaks in the middleLight Up the Stars by GyomThings That Are True by Young Presidents司南老師的任務是去訪談來自各地的老師,汲取他們實用的教學技巧,工具或是教育研究。提供一些想法讓您可以落實在教學中。Our mission is to interview educators around the world and share their teaching tactics, education research or helpful tools. Amazing ideas to experiment in the classroom. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.
  1. #31 How to Amplify Your Students' Voices — Katelynn Giordano (如何幫助學生找回學習自主權)
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