#5 Barbie Magoffin: Cross-Curricula Teaching and How to Understand your Students Better

Barbie Magoffin is an English teacher in San Diego High School of Business and Leadership and a co-director in San Diego High Bridges Across Borders.

When Barbie just got out of school, she worked on marketing for few years but it didn’t feel right for her.   So she decided to try teaching given her innate love for kids.    After some observation hours on campus, she immediately knew it is the home for her.    Today in our conversation, we are gonna talk about how teachers can  do to understand their kids more and what cross curricula teaching looks like. 

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Show Notes

  • [01:22] What is your core value or competency that you want to nurture in your students through literature?
  • [02:41] When looking into your experience, one thing really stood out for me is how much you care about students wellbeing. You taught kids yoga and you’re certified in mental health first aid. Is there any tools you use for social emotional learning ?
  • [07:56] Could you tell us what is cross curricula teaching and with some examples would be great?
  • [14:03] If a group of teacher wants to try out cross curricular. And do you have any tips that you can offer so that they can collaborate with each other without too many conflicts? Because like different subject teachers working together, I believe they all have their own perspective
  • [18:05]. When you were a baby teacher or what is the worst advice you were given
  • [20:27]. Parting thoughts.

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