#16 Dissect Phenomenon based Learning with Ilona Taimela (透視現象為本學習)


This episode is all about Phenomenon based learning. Given Finland’s Phenomenal Education site , Phenomena-based learning and teaching is that “holistic real-world phenomena provide the starting point for learning. The phenomena are studied as complete entities, in their real context, and the information and skills related to them are studied by crossing the boundaries between subjects”.

We are lucky to have Ilona Taimela joining us who is specialised in Phenomenon based learning, design thinking, participatory processes and sustainability. 

Ilona has an over 25 years of experience from training teachers in Finland nationwide and now more internationally. 

She is the CEO of Helsinki Education Consulting Group.  She provides consulting services to cities and schools in implementing the new Finnish National Curriculum with her long experience from being a classroom and subject teacher,  a university researcher, to an executive director and an administrator.  She is no doubt an engaging, energising and a sought after speaker.

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Show Notes with Selected Links

  • [01:55] Why Finland introduced Phenomenon based learning ?
  • [03:16] Why focuses on inter-disciplinary?
  • [04:53] How IIona defines Phenomenon based learning and the key ingredients in Phenomenon based learning?
  • [08:37] An example of Ilona’s favorite Phenomenon based learning project she designed before.
  • [11:28] The steps to design Phenomenon based learning.
  • [18:27] Tools or tips to narrow down the skills teacher want to embed in a phenomenon based learning project.
  • [22:56] Examples of the phenomena Finnish schools have picked.
  • [26:03] What do students’ mind maps look like?
  • [29:16] The ways teacher guide students to do inquiry based learning or facilitate the process.
  • [37:36] Advice for teachers who wants to try out phenomenon based learning.
  • [42:18] Ilona’s core value in education.
  • [43:56] Parting thoughts.


Please go to here.


  • Do your students have the space to teach others in your class?
  • What is the percentage of time you usually talk in a class compared to your students?

What can you do tomorrow

  • Pick a current phenomenon that is relevant to your students’ lives.
  • When introducing a new concept, you can guide your students by asking what they already know and what they want to know about it. After that, giving them some time to do research. 

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What is your favorite idea from this episode? Please let me know in the comment section! 您在這集中有哪個最喜歡的點子嗎?歡迎在以下留言與我分享!

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