#28 Infusing Social Emotional Learning in Classroom – Wendy Turner (如何融合情緒管理學習於課室中)

In order to prepare teachers to do this, number one you have to have them to work on adult SEL (social emotional learning). So work on their social competencies in terms of developing self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision making. – Wendy Turner

In this episode we are going to deep dive into how to infuse social emotional learning into your classroom. Today, we are really honored to have Wendy Turner joining us.

Wendy is a 2nd grade teacher and 2017 Delaware Teacher of the Year. She teaches at Mt. Pleasant Elementary School, a large suburban school in Delaware, with over 750 students and a diverse population. Wendy is interested in trauma-informed practices, global education, social-emotional learning, and empathy in education, and she loves every moment spent with her seven- and eight-year-olds.

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Show Notes with Selected Links


Please go here


  • How did you know your students’ emotional state in the distance learning environment?
  • How did you explain to your students about events like BLM or Capitol riot in the US?

What can you do tomorrow

  • Practice SEL ourselves. Be transparent with your progress and encourage them to work together with you.
  • Check out these optimistic closure activities and experiment in your own classroom.

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