#33 Social Emotional Learning with Brain Science – Andrea Samadi (當神經科學遇上情緒管理學習)

In this episode, we will be exploring social emotional learning with brain science and what strategies we can apply in the classroom based on science.  We are really happy to have wonderful Andrea Samadi joining us.

Andrea Samadi, is a former middle school teacher who began working with success and social and emotional learning principles with students in the late 1990s.   Andrea’s book Level Up: A Brain-Based Strategy to Skyrocket Student Success and Achievement using the latest research to help others increase their learning potential.   She is also the founder of Achieveit360 which offers  programs, grounded in brain-based research and practical neuroscience, helps parents, teachers, coaches and employees to optimize learning, well-being and achievement at home, school or the workplace.

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Show Notes with Selected Links


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  • Have you ever yelled at your students? What reactions did you get from your students?

What can you do tomorrow

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