#6 Elizabeth Peterson – Social Emotional Artistic Learning, Art in Distance Learning and Teacher Self Care

Elizabeth Peterson is an arts integration experts. She founded The Inspired Classroom which provides inspiration to other educators for art integration through informative articles, workshops and professional development opportunities.

She’s also the author of two books, Inspired by Listening and Studio Days. Inspired by Listening is a teacher resource book that includes method of music integration she has developed and implemented into her own classroom. And Studio Days is filled with information and Common Core aligned lesson plans for bringing creativity into the classroom. Elizabeth prides herself in teaching workshops and courses on the integration of the arts into the curriculum and is the host of the annual Summer and Winter Teacher Art Retreats.

She believes there’s a love of acting integrating learning in all children and from their enthusiasm, teachers can shape great opportunities to learn.

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Show Notes

  • 01:44. How music and art come to your life and how does it influence the way you see this world ?
  • 04:25. Could you tell us why your district started to see the need in our social emotional learning and what do you think it was seen as important now but not like fifty years ago ?
  • 07:15 Could you give us some examples about how to nurture CASEL’s SEL competencies through arts? Especially social awareness and responsible decision making.
  • 12:11. What questions that you will usually ask in the examples you mentioned about the hands drawing or listening to music to make them to be aware other people’s opinion and respect others perspectives for things ?
  • 13:48. Do you have a story that you see a student’s transformation in your SEAL classroom and really touches your hearts the most ? Or the moments that you know it is working.
  • 15:50. What would you usually do for the kids that they can take more actions. Like you said if they have a tough relationship with their parents, what kind of other things they can do to make their relationships better
  • 18:13. If a teacher who doesn’t know much about art but still wants to try SEAL. Any actionable advice that you give to them for a head start.
  • 20:01. Let’s say even math teacher tries to cram their students for the upcoming tests but still want to use a without allocating too much time. Is there any other ways they can incorporate SEAL into their classroom?
  • 22:55. Can you give an example in your class in the classroom that you use really little time to integrate art with other subjects?
  • 25:06. How a teacher can use SEAL in this setting even with some online tools that you would suggest.
  • 32:22. Is there any books that influenced you a lot in teaching ?
  • 34:48. When you were a baby teacher what is the worst advice you have ever received?
  • 37:32 Parting thoughts.

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